Woody Spicey

Our Impression of Gucci's Guilty Man

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10 ml
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Customer Reviews

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Lena S.
This is definitely the one to try

I was hesitant to make an oil purchase because i have never been a fan of oils. But this time I was buying for my mother, and now she is soo happy with her new favorite scent.

Dan C.
highly recommend it

You all do an extraordinary job of creating the dupes like the original scent. These are perfect for people like me who don't want to buy the original ones by investing a heavy amount. Thanks Fragrances Oil!!

Zachary M.
Best ever!!!

Great alternative for the people like me who don't afford to buy the branded one. Highly recommend!!

John W.
Beautiful yet so convenient

I absolutely love it!!!! I want to and will buy more in the future, no one knows it’s not the actual perfume!!!

Bob B.
Smelling good

Its smell stays with me the whole day, the fragrance smells too intense like perfume. Subtle balancing with fresh and natural notes. Thank you Fragrances Oil for amazing service and product.